"The right question is usually more important than the right answer." 


Peer-Reviewed Publications

2023. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno or Politics: Facilitating Respectful Conversations in the Political Science Classroom,” The Political Science Educator, 26(2): 25-30. 

2015. “Who’s Got the Guilt? We Got the Guilt! Analyzing Pedagogical Preferences Relating to Writing Center Consultant Guilt,” The Myriad, 1. [Available Upon Request.] 

Policy Publication

2019. University of Illinois System Task Force (~25 members). “University of Illinois System Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Prevent & Response Recommendations,” University of Illinois System. Primary contributor with Dr. Nicole Allen of Appendix A that includes over 125 research citations. [Available Upon Request.] 

Working Papers

Steur, J., Moreira, J., & Khan, A. “Vicarious Elite Contact & Reducing Affective Polarization in the United States: A Nationally Representative Survey Experiment.” [Available Upon Request.]

Ksiazkiewicz, A., & Steur, J. “Chrononormativity: A Novel Measure about Proper Times of Day to do Activities.” [Available Upon Request.]

In Preparation

The Stability of Trait-based Anger: Hotheaded Political Participation

The Role of Sadness in Political Participation  

Eroding Democratic Norms: The Consequences of Partisan Dehumanization in the U.S. 

Selected Academic Presentations

American Political Science Association

2022. “The Role of Sadness in Political Trust,” Individual Paper Presentation (Montreal).

Midwest Political Science Association

2023. “The Public Health Costs of Political Sadness,” Individual Paper Presentation (Chicago).

2023. “Political Dehumanization in the U.S.,” Individual Paper Presentation (Chicago).

2023. “The Causes of Political Sadness in the U.S.,” Individual Paper Presentation (Chicago).

2022. “The Impact of Sadness on Political Trust,” Junior Scholars Symposium Presentation (Chicago).

2022. “The Consequences of Partisan Dehumanization in the U.S.,” Junior Scholars Symposium Presentation (Chicago).

2021. “The Causes & Potential Consequences of Sadness in Politics,” Individual Paper Presentation (Chicago).

2019. “Last Week Tonight: Citizen Competence & Memory Decay,” Individual Paper Presentation (Chicago).

Southern Political Science Association

2021. “The Causes & Consequences of Political Sadness,” Southern Political Science Association, Individual Paper Presentation (Virtual Conference).